Monday, December 18, 2006

Finally an update!!!

Here I am baking the cookies.
They are so cute.
AND here they are decorating and eating!!

Well Christams stuff is going well. We had a church service last night and we had a party in Sunday school with the kids. My friend Laina and I made.....well attempted to make christmas cookies for the kids to decorate that night. I don't have an electric mixer so the cookies were a little different than usual but fortunately kids don't care what cookies look like as long as they know they have sugar. All the cookies ended up looking like blobs but it was fun to decorate anyways. We had a good night with them .

More news is that Ian is arriving tomorrow!!!!!!! Yeah I can't wait! Then Precious is going to come for Christmas too and then on the first my friends Abbie and Monica will be here to visit too!!!! Man this is going to be a great vacation. I still miss all our home cooking at Grandma's and our tree at home but oh have to start your own traditions sometime. I'll be sure to put more pictures on soon and let everyone know what is going on. Let me know if anyone wants anything special from France for Christmas. How often is someone going to offer that to you hu? You had better take advantage of it while you can!!! Let me know.
All my love

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


These are some pictures of us in the Cathedral that we sang at for the english Christmas carol service. The entire Cathedral was filled with people. I'm sorry I didn't get better pictures.