Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quel bel apartement

Bonjour Shawna,
J'adore ton apart. Combien dois-tu payer chaque mois? Fermes-tu les volets tous les soirs? Tu es vraiment près de la fac. La salle de bain est très colorée.
Demain c'est les cours. bonne continuation et j'adore recevoir de tes nouvelles.

Well, after the great diner, Amy spilled her wine all over our new table cloth!!!! oh well, she got it out and not it is just a little darker than the rest of it but you can't tell. Afer that we went out fro the best chocolate ice cream I have ever had. That made us feel better. Yeah we finally got some food in our place so we were able to make the diner. This morning I made breakfast burritos. Last week we tried to go out for mexican food.....It was soooooo bad. The french idea of mexican food is not even close to being correct. We were really upset when we got our food. I really wanted a big fat good burrito, but I ended up getting a tortilla with meat and some dark sauce in it. That is it!!!! the rice and beans came on the side and those were not even that good. I couldn't believe that was the only mexican food they have. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!!!!???? You know how bad food ruins my day? well that was not the best day.
These are my plants that I bought at the plant market. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday they have a plant market down the street from our apartment. I don't really know what kind of plants they are but I will find out soon. I hope I can keep them alive for more than a few weeks.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Our first diner at home!

This is Amy's big diner she made on our third night at the apartment. We finally went to the market and got a ton of food to make all kinds of meals. Amy loves to cook and she is Italien so the stuff she cooks is great and always has tons of garlic in it. She made a big pasta dish with sausage and I made the salad. Then She provided the wine. The entire meal was great!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday life

Nothing is open on Sundays. The only way to buy food is if you go to the markets in the morning. The fish market is huge! They have whole sword fish and every other kind sitting in ice. Today I saw this guy take one of the fish and cut it for someone. By the time I came back, the sword fish sitting in ice on the right was just a head. None of the stores in the alleys are open. Just the markets. So everyone is out in the morning at the cafes, because the cafes must always be open. The french are always sitting and eating and drinking coffee. I have never drank so much coffee in one week in my life. I smell like it too.
The markets are crazy. There is a square close to where I live that has a really big outside market. Everyday they set the market up early and take it down around 12 30. Then they hose everything down from all the fish and fruits getting on the ground. Then they set all the cafes back up. They do that every day!!! Aix has stuff like this in town squares all over the place. People sit at the tables before they are even ready. The picture on the right is of my room mate Amy. The picture of the long street is of the "Cours Mirabeau". That is the main road in Aix. It always has some kind of market on it. It is fun to walk around. I am doing alot of walking here.
more updates soon,

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey Kiddo nice Apartment it looks real homie I'll bet you are in heaven huh?
It sounds like you are haveing a great time. And from what I see in the pictures it looks really nice over there. I hope that every day you are there is more fun and more exciting than the one before it. I look forward to checking in here and following your adventure and to a lot more pictures.

Enjoy yourself Love you lot's


I got an apartment!!!!

This is where I sleep. It is in the living room so during the day it serves as a couch.
This is the big window in the living room
This is what it looked like yesterday when we got it. Then today we bought a table cloth and put by bed/couch in the living room too. It looks better. The fire place doesn't work, so thats why we covered it with the table.
We have a piano!!!
The two white windows above those big green doors are our windows. They over look one of the squares in the center of town which is full of cafes. Our school is right across the square. It is so great.

I love the tile !
There are two big windows with shutters where we will put plants.
This is our kitchen. The thing next to the fridge is the washer-dryer. The older buildings put the clothes washer in the kitchen. We also have a dish washer farther down.

I am truly blessed with this place. Anyone who comes to see me can stay with us, Me and my friend Amy, anytime. You will love it!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Still here!!!

Things are going well here. The temperature is starting to cool down. It has been retty hot, but I love it. There are alot of fountains on themain road. Today we are looking for an apartment at 2:30. I'm really excited. It is located right next to our school which is a really old buiding right in the center of town. We pretty much come to downtown everyday. The main street has so much to see. I will get pictures up hopefully tomorrow. Thank you guys for leaving comments and everything. Talk to you soon. love you

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am in France!!!!

Well, it took us two days to get here but we made it. Right now I am staying in an individual dorm with the other students. It is not too bad but I can't wait to get an apartment. Some of the other girls and I are looking for one together. This week we just have meetings at the dorms to get everyone set up with cell phones,information on banks,housing, and tours of the town. Next week we start testing for classes and to determine what level everyone is at. I hope I test high.I will soon post pictures of all the things I am doing and down town action. I hope all is well with everyone. Please tell me what you all are doig so I don't miss out.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bonjour Shawna,
C'est mardi. J'espère que le voyage s'est bien passé. Les cours vont bien à Solano, un peu difficile à Chapman mais cela change.
A bientôt