Friday, March 09, 2007

More pictures of Austria

This is one of the houses they used for the Sound of Music movie.

All the men playing chess
This is the castle on the hill in the middle of the city.

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sarah zapata said...

I'm so jealous of you and your friends! Sounds like you had a really great time; I wish I could have gone with you! One day I’ll make it over seas to a place other than Iraq!
I love all the pictures and I love the way you narrated your trip, you’re a great writer! Tell Melissa and cricket I said hello and I’m glad they had so much fun to! I love you little squirt! Take care and I hope to talk to you again soon!!

Aunt Martha said...

I love your posting of the vacation from vacation - complete with gorgeous photos! (cute little Shawna having cocktails? Oh my, I'm getting old!) May I have your permission to paint one of those photos? I won't get to it until this semester is over, because of the homework I have for the abstract class I'm taking. There are a couple of images I think I can do. You're going to have to make yourself available for the rest of us, when we all want to visit Europe. Are you up for that? You're the greatest.