Saturday, May 05, 2007

WOW long break......lots of pictures

I am sorry I have not been posting anything for a while but I have lots to tell you.

Not too much was going on family came to see me!!!! YEAH. My mom, Dennis and my cousin Elaine. We had such a great time. We drove a car, drank some...okay alot of wine, ate tons of good food, traveled around and laughed. First we drove around in france for a few days from Aix to a town called Montrichard where we had to abandon our rental car for variouse reasons .....:) and then we went to a chateau that I went to with Ian called Chenonceau only this time it was awsome weather so the gardens were in bloom. Then we took the trian to Versailles and took a tour of the castle there too. we stayed one night in Versailles and then the mother that I stayed with three years ago who lives in Paris came and got us to take us to her house in Paris where we stayed that night. It was so much fun. We went out to lunch with her, had some wine, and she set us up with a tour that we took on the river that goes right through Paris. Then we walked around paris and went to the Notre dame and all that until it got dark. We met Laurence( my french host mom) at the train station and she crammed us all in her car to take us to her house. We had a huge pizza dinner and talked late into the night as we ate and ate and ate. I had a blast translating between my mom and Dennis and the reast of the french family. Melissa was there to help too so we got pretty good at it by the end of the night. Laurence speaks english but her daughter and husband do not as much so it was perfect practice for me and Melissa to translate. Somehow Laurence had set up enough placed for us all to sleep in her amazing house and then we left for scotland the next morning.

Scotland was great. It is green and beautiful and cold and there are old rock walls all over the countryside. We all loved it. Mom says she wants to move there. I think I would too if it wasn't so rainy there all the time. We took a bus tour around and had a great time. We were in a different hotel every night so we saw every part of the country. The people there seam very friendly...I thought they all looked like grandpa. Anyways I'll just post pictures so you can see for yourself.

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sarah zapata said...

I'm so glad you had fun! I wish I could have gone! you have more pictures right? You all look like you had a great time, big smiles and everything! Your going to be home soon i bet you can't wait! But grandma and grandpa will be there thurs so i know you are looking fwd to that! you are going to have even more fun! bring me back some cool stuff! Take care and i'll talk to you soon! i love you and miss you sooooo much!!!